Are sutton foster and bobby cannavale still dating

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Sutton got divorced in 2009 and then later dated actor Bobby Cannavale, who she thanked during her Tony Award acceptance speech in 2011.

Bobby Cannavale gamely took the stage with a homeless dog at the Broadway Barks adopt-a-thon on Saturday, but had no plans to take home a pooch himself, even though event co-founder Bernadette Peters told the New York . I have a teenager; I can’t have time to, like, come home and walk the thing.

So why would I want to talk about it to the press when I’m figuring it out as I go in private?

It doesn’t make any sense to therapize—that’s not even a word, is it?

event held at Buttenwieser Hall on Tuesday (March 24) in New York City.

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“After my divorce I became someone I wasn’t,” she told the . ‘That didn’t work, so I’m going to try THIS.’ For two years it was crazy town.” “I became a different person during that time.[.] Sutton is definitely a huge part of my life and an inspirational part of my life. Every night when I come out of that theater, I think how glad I am to be working on 45th Street.My life has changed since I met her, and I couldn’t be happier. So, who’s getting the extra pair of tickets you and Sutton will have on Tony night? There are so many great plays right now—Jerusalem, Bengal Tiger, Normal Heart—but I feel like I’m in the coolest play of all. See Bobby Cannavale in The Motherf**ker With the Hat at the Schoenfeld Theatre.Jake lost his grandfather [movie director Sidney Lumet]. I lost my mentor, Lanford Wilson, two weeks before we opened, which was a huge blow, and Sidney was like a father to me, even after the divorce. Would you agree that you’ve gotten more open about your personal life since you started dating [ star] Sutton Foster? Everybody who has been in a relationship knows that.Weirdly, parenting is easier to me than working on a relationship.

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