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This time, it was no dream sequence or alternate reality.In Superman #50, Clark asks Lois to marry him, and she says yes.But what about the times when he's had to trade in those outfits and put on a tuxedo, stand before friends and family and say "I do"? And what about the weddings of Superman's supporting cast members?In this special wedding edition of "Many Faces...", we'll take a look at some "super weddings" from the comics and TV.Superman and Lois Lane have actually "gotten married" multiple times in the comics, particularly in the 1960s, when "imaginary stories" were popular.These wedding stories took place in alternate universes or were clearly labeled as "what if" tales that were not officially tied to continuity.

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of "Earth-2." The wedding was legit, but it took place in an alternate reality.In the two part "The Bride of Bizarro," Luthor agrees to make a Bizarro Lana as a bride for Bizarro.In exchange, Bizarro agrees to help Lex kill Superboy by stealing a stash of kryptonite.These characters were not simply written off, however.The Earth-2 versions of Superman and Lois recently played a major role in DC's "Infinite Crisis" storyline.

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