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I highly recommend anybody to go see Ivan he is knowledgeable and will give you the information you need, but most important will get you the deal you need.Looking forward to enjoying my new truck and I will make sure to recommend anybody to go and visit Courtesy and make a deal with Ivan.Danny the salesman was available for phone calls and texts after hours. It's too bad that production ended in 2011 but because they last so long with proper care sales declined over the years.The used vehicle purchased was as described on the internet, and the up front pricing was competitive / appropriate. I would recommend Morrie's Mazda Invergrove Heights to those looking to purchase a quality vehicle. Recently I traded in my 2014 Silverado for a brand new 2018 Silverado, the discounts at this time of year are AWESOME!I've been a loyal Courtesy Chevrolet customer since 2003 and I keep coming back, best dealership to do business with.

The vehicle turned out to be in beautiful condition and I was thrilled. This car is so amazing the design is so aggressive I'm not saying it's better than the Taurus but it's nice cheap car.

I was treated like a daughter or niece would be as they entrusted me with the test drive, taught me about payment types, what I should think of when selecting a car.

I later had two of my close family friends come in before I sealed the deal, and they were able to confirm all that had been said and determine if it was a good deal and car to select.

I paid for the vehicle on a Friday and the vehicle was in my driveway the following Monday at 8am. I bought this car for 00 in 2017 and I had to swap the transmission and catalytic converter which overall was probably another 00. The engine is without a doubt the selling point of the car.

There have been no problems with this vehicle and it's proven to be a great buy. Since then it’s caused zero problems and I just drove it from Indiana to California and then up to Montana without any issues at all, 30,000 miles later I own the P71: the police interceptor package. Con: Everything else is fiercely mediocre: The car is a little too loud on the freeway. The door weather striping is, in several places, separating itself from the vehicle. This car is what happens when hundreds of engineers get together and say "ah, good enough". Even though it was assembled in Canada the major components were made in the states that provided a living wage to those involved.

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