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If it's something that I really like, I remember it.

So I came up with the little piece that's the intro of the song, on the bass, and I just kept going from there."He also credits guitar legend Jeff Beck for inspiring his songwriting: "One thing that was going on, which leads me to believe that I first came up with [the song] when we first moved in together.

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So, it was a really amazing phenomenon where Joe and Steven would come back to Boston, a month and a half, two months later, with all the songs written, with all the vocal parts."Our engineer, Jay Messina, is a vibes player, so they had this crazy idea of doubling the bass part with a bass marimba, to give it sort of a more mysterious sound," Hamilton says."It's funny, cause it really messes people up who are trying to learn the song off the record."Hamilton then exited the process: "We were on a super-tight budget, so we would get the basic tracks done, then there wasn't a lot left to do for [drummer] Joey [Kramer] and [guitarist] Brad [Whitford]."Finally, on our third album (1975's ), we had gotten to the point where we finished all of our basic tracks.We had an extra day left over, and our producer Jack Douglas asked if anybody had any extra riffs lying around.

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