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Also, apart from Google’s search engine, it’s one of the most powerful search tools that we have at our fingertips.Our most Facebook search activity is limited to typing the names of friends and pages in the search box and seldom we use it for other purposes. After the introduction of Graph Search in 2014, apart from becoming more popular, Facebook’s search engine has become trickier. If you take a look at Facebook’s search prompt, it says “Search Facebook.” That’s right, this search lets you search any post you’ve seen before on Facebook, all the friends, all publicly shared items, etc.Alternatively, you can also use following patterns:, etc.You can use the phrases that you remember from a particular post.Facebook experience is all about your friends and there are many ways you can search your friends.Apart from directly searching for any user, you can sort the search results based on city, education, work, and mutual friends.Apart from using Facebook search option to find your posts and photos, you can search your activity log by visiting this URL: https:// Last but not the least, you can search for a phone number on Facebook.Simply enter your phone number (if it’s public), you can see it for yourself..

If we are not able to resolve a complaint, you may submit it through the EU online dispute resolution platform at You can also search your favorite music artists and bands, and get updates on their latest releases and videos.You might haven’t realized but you can do shopping on Facebook.As you enter a phrase or friend’s name, Facebook starts showing you prompts and suggestions that are automatically generated.These suggestions are personalized, which means that they are different for all Facebook users and vary according to their past activities.

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