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While in debt, women are kept under constant surveillance and forced to satisfy all customers and all customer demands.Disobedience can lead to fines, physical violence, and even "resale" into higher levels of debt.The report notes that both the Japanese and Thai governments are participating in the drafting of a United Nations anti-trafficking protocol that will influence governments' response to trafficking in persons worldwide.

According to the 227-page report, "Owed Justice: Thai Women Trafficked into Debt Bondage in Japan," the women are typically promised lucrative jobs by traffickers in Thailand, but arrive in Japan to find themselves trapped in "debt." To repay these exorbitant sums - usually US,000 to US,000 - they must work for months, or even years, without pay, under highly coercive and abusive conditions.Trafficking in persons, the illegal but highly profitable transport and sale of human beings for the purpose of exploiting their labor, is a global human rights phenomenon involving hundreds of thousands of victims each year, including thousands of women trafficked from Thailand into debt bondage in Japan.The intermediaries who arrange these women's travel and job placement use deception, fraud, and coercion to place them into highly abusive conditions of employment, where they must repay outrageously high "debts" before they can earn wages or gain their freedom.Some are promised jobs as waitresses or factory workers; others are assured high wages as entertainers or sex workers.But nearly all find themselves saddled with exorbitant debts and forced to work under brutal conditions without compensation until they are released.

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